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We are Making Waves

A service innovation agency with 350 easygoing, happy, colourful, smart, techy, impatient, brave, trendy, nerdy, honest, and curious people. Together with you, we create digital services with sustainable impact. Welcome!

A place for adventurous team-players

Our way of working relies unconditionally on relationships – with our clients, our partners, our network, our team members. But the most important relationship is the one with whoever you’re sitting next to. We always remember to offer them a cup of coffee when we get one for ourselves!

Portrait of a woman from the Krakow office.
Portrait of a man from the Oslo office.
Office area with desks, and some people working
People sitting around a table, working and planning with post-it notes in the Kraków office.

We’re not bragging – we’re just very proud of our work

It was never about size, numbers or fame (ok, maybe a little). It was always about understanding exactly what needed to be solved, and why. It has to make sense to us in order for us to build something that makes sense to others. And when it does, we’re extremely proud and want to show everyone. That’s not really bragging, is it?

The finished Audi app accessed on an iPhone, with the Audi e-tron in the background.
A phone lying on a table, displaying a chat with Mats about dinner.

It wasn’t easy. It just looks that way

Solving complex problems is great! Our ambition is to create awesome products that are seamless, reliable and enjoyable to use. To achieve that, we dive into our big pool of expertise. We have five key capabilities, and they all range from initial user research right through to shining up the last pixel to perfection. Come and take a swim with us!

Portrait of Dawid Horodecki.
A page from a sketchbook on a table with Making Waves' Capabilities: Experience strategy, digital products and services, engagement and optimization, new revenue streams and digital service platforms.