Visit Denmark

Visit Denmark commissioned Making Waves to develop an iPhone app for the Norwegian consumer market.

The ambition was to make an application that was entertaining, useful and fun to use.  It should capture the warmth and humour with which Visit Denmark were already marketing their destination in Norwegian media and social media. The result was an application called “Lovely App” (“Dejlig app”) – which uses humour aimed at at children as well as their parents who are either planning or actually experiencing a holiday in Denmark.  As well as being entertaining to use, the app is also a very useful tool on the road, containing addresses, information, coordinates and links to several tourist attractions.

In addition Making Waves has developed a survival app – Wondeful Copenhagen (“Dejlig Køben”)  - for travellers from Norway to the Danish capital Copenhagen. This app helps them survive everyday situations with wit and dignity intact. Ordering hot dogs for example in an authentic Copenhagen accent, understanding Denmark´s unusual way of handling certain numerical concepts as well as more straightforward information such as in-route and in-city planning based on sightseeing objectives.

For both applications, Making Waves has been responsible for concept development, design, information architecture and system development.

“Deilig app” has received a silver medal in the Norwegian design awards Gullblyanten 2010.

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