Thought leader in people-centered design and innovation joins Making Waves

Anna Kirah appointed Chief Experience Officer in Making Waves


Dag Honningsvåg (CEO) and Anna Kirah (CXO). Photo: Kai Myhre


«Joining Making Waves feels like coming home » says Anna Kirah, who will soon take on her new role as Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Norway´s leading full service digital agency.
Anna Kirah has a background as a design anthropologist and psychologist, and is internationally known as a pioneer using human-centered innovation in the design of services, products and organizational change. She has board-level experience from both public and private sector, has worked in several countries, and is a popular and acclaimed public speaker. Anna Kirah has published several books and articles and received numerous international awards, including Microsoft´s Contributor of the Year award for her global strategy work. In November 2012, Microsoft engaged Anna to help with the global launch of Windows 8. During the last year, she managed a significant service design project for Oslo Airport Gardermoen.
"In order to build valuable, relevant, user-friendly and attractive products and services, you have to understand what people really want and need. At Making Waves, I am joining an organization where I can use my skills, experience, and human-oriented approach together with very talented colleagues. Together we will solve exciting challenges and create amazing customer experiences on behalf of our clients, both in Norway and abroad." says Anna.
”Making Waves has a strong culture where competency, quality, value-creation and enthusiasm are important drivers across the whole organization” says Anna. She also points out that the company is unique in the way it brings together multi-disciplinary teams of business consultants, designers, marketers and technologists, and that this is critical in delivering successful user experiences, human-centered innovation and service design.
In today's market, companies' ability to attract and retain their customers largely depends on understanding what customers really need and want - and being able to deliver that effectively. There are many examples of companies that have not been able to recognize and adapt to this new reality, and which now no longer exist. Making Waves’ main goal is to help our clients increase their ability to innovate – to ensure sustained profitability and long term competitive advantages.
In 2012 Making Waves acquired the service design company Zoot. "Service Design is all about understanding users’ needs and desires, and leveraging this insight to create successful service offerings. Although most of the solutions that we provide today are digital, they must co-exist with the rest of the touch points in a seamless manner. Service Design is therefore a strategic tool to develop consistent services across both digital and physical channels" says Dag Honningsvåg, CEO of Making Waves. In most of the assignments we have started in 2012, service design has been the foundation for developing digital solutions. Examples are Sandnes Sparebank, Sparebank 1, and NorgesGruppen.
In many ways, Anna Kirah represents the natural next steps of Making Waves’ the strategy and ambitions. "We are incredibly excited to have Anna on board as our new CXO. She is a person who shares our approach, our methods and our mindset, and she will be instrumental in taking the company to the next level. Anna will focus on improving quality and innovation within our organization and on behalf of our customers, with the ultimate goal of delivering delightful customer experiences in all our engagements" says Honningsvåg. Anna brings many years of experience from global companies like Boeing and Microsoft to this important role at Making Waves.


14 January 2013