This is how we make waves

Project Managers Days in Norway, 20–22 September 2012



At Making Waves we pay special attention to professional development and knowledge sharing among our project managers. We share project experiences, discuss challenges and used methodologies, review new tools and developments in digital world to align the way we provide services to our clients regardless if the project is managed from Oslo, London or Krakow.


In September our team of 22 Project Managers from Oslo and Krakow met for a two day workshop to review our new Wavemaker 2.0 process, discuss Kanban and Agile methodologies (Visit Norway Case study:, review best practices in testing and engage in team building activities.

Project managers must have a vision for the course and goals of each project. Our ultimate objective is to make sure that a project and its outcome will bring business value to a client. The way how we achieve that, methodology and tools we use, depends on the project constraints and client's preferences.


Our project managers team has a diverse background from consulting, development and technology to design and creative production. Project Managers work beyond digital and across borders directly facing clients internationally regardless of their location.


12 October 2012