Making Waves sign new framework agreement with Visitnorway for editorial services

Making Waves have signed a new 2 year contract with Visitnorway/Innovation Norway to supply editorial services, including translation-localization and campaign support services in 13 languages to Visitnorway.


Dag Honningsvåg (CEO, Making Waves) and Per-Arne Tuftin (Travel and Tourism Director of Innovation Norway)


Making Waves design and technology teams have been responsible for building the Visitnorway portal and have worked with Visitnorway since the concept phase back in 2005. The portal has been through several development phases with continuing improvements in design and functionality to reflect the very latest innovations in web development for desktop and mobile channels. Visitnorway has won many national and international prizes including a 2012 Webby Award for Best Homepage Design in New York.


Since January 2011 Making Waves have had responsibility for editorial planning and implementation, marketing campaign management and multi-language versioning of the portal into 13 different languages and national editions. Successful delivery of these services for the past two years leads Innovasjon Norge to renew their commitment to Making Waves for a further 2 years.


The current version of the portal contains over 15,000 product and service offers for tourists and business travelers visiting Norway. For tourists it is possible to find relevant content to trip planning, booking and ideas for activities from several different entry points in the portal. Maps, site search and topic maps are therefore a central part of the portal´s functionality.


The portal reaches 13 million users worldwide and is constantly updated in various language versions by Making Waves content editors in Oslo and Krakow. Content editors also work directly with Innovation Norway regional offices in London, Moscow, New York, Paris, The Hague, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Warsaw to deliver effective campaigns promoting various destinations and tourism activities.


Each local Innovation Norway office is able to create targeted campaigns to specific audience segments. Other deliverables to Visitnorway include Advertorials and sponsored articles as well as the portal´s content classification schemas. Making Waves Content Services team combine skills and experience in journalism, content creation, SEO, graphic design, web strategy, linguistics and translations, international relations and tourism management. All are native speakers of the national websites they have responsibility for.


Dag Honningsvåg, CEO Making Waves says "Visit Norway have confirmed the central importance of content to the portal, and rewarded our hard working and dedicated team of web editors in Oslo and Krakow with a new framework agreement where we can continue to work closely with our client to develop innovative content that has made Visitnorway one of the most recognised and successful national destination portals."


Per-Arne Tuftin, Travel and Tourism Director of Innovation Norway says; "Making Waves have been a key contributor to Visitnorways meeting our ambitious targets for both content and campaigns. The portal has won many awards over the years and this confirms our view that professionally produced, original content generates results."


Today Visitnorway is available in the following national versions; Norwegian, English (UK, US & International), Swedish, Danish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Russian.


Making Waves has been working with clients across the Tourism sector delivering digital solutions from multi language destination portals, chain hotel websites, travel services, to applications, and booking systems.  Making Waves Content Services are designed to assist clients in the planning and operation of content intensive websites and portals, as well as in the analysis presentation and optimization of content. 


Dag Honningsvåg, CEO, Making Waves,
tel:+47 907 44 810,
Russell Lack, Head of Content Services, Making Waves,
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30 September 2013