Making Waves in Stockholm
4 September 2014

Making Waves is expanding further by opening an office in Stockholm.

The company is now opening an office in Stockholm to better meet demand from customers in Sweden, and to complement its sister companies in the North Alliance group. The business will be co-located with Great Works in their offices at Östermalmsgatan in Stockholm.


- We look forward to establishing a presence in Sweden, where we review The North Alliance has strong ties and expertise in everything from technology to design, strategy and branding, says Dag Honninsvåg, general manager, Making Waves. We have had a good and strategic cooperation with EPiServer over the years, and look forward to the opportunity to challenge the market on their home arena.


- Establishing Making Waves in Stockholm is an important strategic step for NoA and important for NoA's future growth. Making Waves is a fantastic company, and together with Great Works and Åkestam Holst Group in Stockholm gives us a strong position to serve our customers, says Thomas Høgebøl, founder and CEO of The North Alliance.


We need people in Stockholm:

Lead Technical Advisor (EPiServer)

EPiServer Experts (senior developers in .net/EPiServer)

Play Magnus AS launches chess-app
25 February 2014

Today Play Magnus for iPhone -a new type of chess-app was launched. With this app, chess players of all levels can try playing against a chess engine that "thinks" like Magnus Carlsen, and challenge him from his level at age five to the present.


Making Waves developed an idea from Play Magnus into a finished app.

Play Magnus app is free and can be downloaded in the AppStore.

With the growing enthusiasm for chess, this is a new era of chess sport. Through Play Magnus, Magnus Carlsen wants to inspire more people to play chess. The app makes chess easier, accessible and free.

Try to beat Magnus Carlsen
At the core of the app is a chess engine that simulates Magnus Carlsen 's play since from age 5 until today. This way, young and old chess players gets to play against the world champion while developing their own skills. If you need advice to become a better player, there are instruction videos in the app where Magnus Carlsen provides an introduction to the game, strategies, openings and more. Those who wish can also participate in a 'Live Challenge' where you build up points for every game you play. The winners in four categories will finally meet for a game against Magnus himself. The game has been continuously tested through the development. The goal was to create an engaging and accessible solution that makes it easy to get started with chess.

About Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen is the reigning world chess champion and ranked as the world's best chess player.

About Play Magnus
Play Magnus is the official partner behind official Magnus Carlsen products with the mission to spread chess to the world.

The team from Making Waves
Making Waves has been the digital partner for Play Magnus, and has delivered design and development of the app.

  • Martin Holm, designer
  • Fredrik Paasche, developer
  • Felipe Longe, developer
  • Christer V. Aas, developer and technical project manager
  • Bruno Beuzelin, test manager
  • Morten Krogh-Moe, Project Manager

The project was developed in collaboration with Tord Romstad , the brain behind the chess engine. Børge Bredenbekk/byHands has made the illustrations.

Arild Bjørn-Larsen ( +47) 920 11 900 // 

THINK KRAKOW digital magazine is here!
10 February 2014

Download your free copy full of interesting and fun information about Kraków for visitors, expats and the international business community. It is your perfect companion on the plane to Kraków or whilst enjoying a coffee on city’s main square Rynek.

Download your copy of Think Krakow here (pdf).
You can also read the magazine online at
Kraków’s cultural and historical heritage is world renowned, and the city has been a major hot spot on the European travel map for decades. Today Kraków is becoming an international hub for IT and business services, with the second highest number of foreign investments and companies in Poland. Kraków is also the 2014 European City of Sports and a bidding candidate for the Winter Olympics 2022. In 2016 the city will host World Youth Days. Not surprisingly, these developments attract an ever increasing number of foreigners who visit and settle in the city.

Think Kraków is the result of a collaboration between a mix of international and Polish residents who bring insight into life in Kraków beyond the obvious tourist attractions: living, working and doing business in the city. It is a non-commercial initiative that aims to deliver a digital publication for English speaking professionals both visiting the city and living here, as well as to create a social media community where information can be shared.
The magazine is available to download as an interactive PDF document ThinkKrakow.pdf (Download by clicking Save As) and soon through App Store Newstand. Learn about the latest developments such as new investment projects, growth in the IT and outsourcing sectors, local real estate and the Winter Olympic Games 2022 initiative; discover Kraków’s hidden treasures off the beaten track and find out what the city can offer newcomers – from recommended restaurants and bars to festivals, museums and gyms.
Kraków is riding on the crest of a wave – read the digital magazine to get the most out of your Kraków experience, whether you are visiting on a business trip or for leisure.
For more updates, join Think Krakow on Facebook:
Think Krakow sample content:
Kraków's Olympic dream 2022
From tourism to technology: Kraków is open for international business
Going global: Kraków as top IT and outsourcing hub
Down in one? Discover the delights of Polish vodka
Making Waves: Eight years of digital success from Kraków
Kraków and Warsaw: A tale of two capitals
Biking around Krakow
A day in communist Kraków: In the footsteps of Lenin and Fidel Castro
The seven wonders of Kraków
Kraków’s hidden treasures: Off the beaten track
Fitness first: Stay fit in Kraków
Kraków and 21st century architecture
Plus lots of cool images of Kraków, reviews and recommendations for visitors and new residents.

Making Waves goes international through new Scandinavian network
21 January 2014

Making Waves joins forces with six other leading companies within communication, design and technology in Scandinavia to form The North Alliance.

Making Waves offers design, technology and communication services to both Nordic and international clients. Over the last few years we have experienced a growing demand for our services and has scaled the company to accommodate the requests from the market.


"Making Waves has an offering and capacity few can parallel. We have a stated ambition to serve more clients in the global market. In order to do so in a sustainable manner we have done thorough research when considering the right alliances", says Dag Honningsvåg, CEO in Making Waves.


Today, the new network The North Alliance (NoA) will be announced. Apart from Making Waves, NoA includes the Swedish companies Åkestam.Holst, Great Works, Bold, Promenad and Knock, as well as &Co in Denmark.


All seven companies will be merged into the new network. NOA will acquire all outstanding shares with support from the private-equity fund CapMan Buyout as financial investor and become majority shareholder. The previous owners of Making Waves are also reinvesting in NOA.


"Starting out as a small group of founders we have grown Making Waves organically over the last 12 years. We will keep growing the company in the same manner, but together with the rest of NOA we can step up our game significantly in a global market", says Dag Honningsvåg.


Making Waves remains unchanged in name and management. There will be no immediate changes in the way we conduct our business, offer our services or serve our clients. Our focus remains on human centred innovation, digital services and a deep technology competency in both Oslo and Cracow.


"We will stay focused on our vision to be a great place to work with a mission of creating engaging user experiences with our clients. It’s with great excitement we are joining NOA. This opens up for great opportunities, both for our clients and employees", says Dag Honningsvåg.


Dag Honningsvåg,
CEO, Making Waves,
+47 907 44 810


Making Waves AS

  • Making Waves was established in 2001
  • Currently employs 312 consultants within communication, design and technology services.
  • Offices in Oslo and Cracow.
  • Clients include FIFA, Norgesgruppen, The Norwegian Parliament, Norrøna and Nordic Choice Hotels.


The North Alliance

  • NOA is a network of seven leading companies within communication, design and technology in Norway, Sweden and Denmark with offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Cracow and New York.
  • Through it’s companies NoA employs more than 450 people in total, with a revenue of approx. €60 million
  • NOA is based on Nordic values such as creativity, freedom and collaboration.
  • NOA consists of solid, award winning companies, recognized as leading players in their field and markets.
Thought leader in people-centered design and innovation joins Making Waves
11 January 2013

Anna Kirah appointed Chief Experience Officer in Making Waves


Dag Honningsvåg (CEO) and Anna Kirah (CXO). Photo: Kai Myhre


«Joining Making Waves feels like coming home » says Anna Kirah, who will soon take on her new role as Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Norway´s leading full service digital agency.
Anna Kirah has a background as a design anthropologist and psychologist, and is internationally known as a pioneer using human-centered innovation in the design of services, products and organizational change. She has board-level experience from both public and private sector, has worked in several countries, and is a popular and acclaimed public speaker. Anna Kirah has published several books and articles and received numerous international awards, including Microsoft´s Contributor of the Year award for her global strategy work. In November 2012, Microsoft engaged Anna to help with the global launch of Windows 8. During the last year, she managed a significant service design project for Oslo Airport Gardermoen.
"In order to build valuable, relevant, user-friendly and attractive products and services, you have to understand what people really want and need. At Making Waves, I am joining an organization where I can use my skills, experience, and human-oriented approach together with very talented colleagues. Together we will solve exciting challenges and create amazing customer experiences on behalf of our clients, both in Norway and abroad." says Anna.
”Making Waves has a strong culture where competency, quality, value-creation and enthusiasm are important drivers across the whole organization” says Anna. She also points out that the company is unique in the way it brings together multi-disciplinary teams of business consultants, designers, marketers and technologists, and that this is critical in delivering successful user experiences, human-centered innovation and service design.
In today's market, companies' ability to attract and retain their customers largely depends on understanding what customers really need and want - and being able to deliver that effectively. There are many examples of companies that have not been able to recognize and adapt to this new reality, and which now no longer exist. Making Waves’ main goal is to help our clients increase their ability to innovate – to ensure sustained profitability and long term competitive advantages.
In 2012 Making Waves acquired the service design company Zoot. "Service Design is all about understanding users’ needs and desires, and leveraging this insight to create successful service offerings. Although most of the solutions that we provide today are digital, they must co-exist with the rest of the touch points in a seamless manner. Service Design is therefore a strategic tool to develop consistent services across both digital and physical channels" says Dag Honningsvåg, CEO of Making Waves. In most of the assignments we have started in 2012, service design has been the foundation for developing digital solutions. Examples are Sandnes Sparebank, Sparebank 1, and NorgesGruppen.
In many ways, Anna Kirah represents the natural next steps of Making Waves’ the strategy and ambitions. "We are incredibly excited to have Anna on board as our new CXO. She is a person who shares our approach, our methods and our mindset, and she will be instrumental in taking the company to the next level. Anna will focus on improving quality and innovation within our organization and on behalf of our customers, with the ultimate goal of delivering delightful customer experiences in all our engagements" says Honningsvåg. Anna brings many years of experience from global companies like Boeing and Microsoft to this important role at Making Waves.

Making Waves sign new framework agreement with Visitnorway for editorial services
7 January 2013
Making Waves have signed a new 2 year contract with Visitnorway/Innovation Norway to supply editorial services, including translation-localization and campaign support services in 13 languages to Visitnorway.


Dag Honningsvåg (CEO, Making Waves) and Per-Arne Tuftin (Travel and Tourism Director of Innovation Norway)


Making Waves design and technology teams have been responsible for building the Visitnorway portal and have worked with Visitnorway since the concept phase back in 2005. The portal has been through several development phases with continuing improvements in design and functionality to reflect the very latest innovations in web development for desktop and mobile channels. Visitnorway has won many national and international prizes including a 2012 Webby Award for Best Homepage Design in New York.


Since January 2011 Making Waves have had responsibility for editorial planning and implementation, marketing campaign management and multi-language versioning of the portal into 13 different languages and national editions. Successful delivery of these services for the past two years leads Innovasjon Norge to renew their commitment to Making Waves for a further 2 years.


The current version of the portal contains over 15,000 product and service offers for tourists and business travelers visiting Norway. For tourists it is possible to find relevant content to trip planning, booking and ideas for activities from several different entry points in the portal. Maps, site search and topic maps are therefore a central part of the portal´s functionality.


The portal reaches 13 million users worldwide and is constantly updated in various language versions by Making Waves content editors in Oslo and Krakow. Content editors also work directly with Innovation Norway regional offices in London, Moscow, New York, Paris, The Hague, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Warsaw to deliver effective campaigns promoting various destinations and tourism activities.


Each local Innovation Norway office is able to create targeted campaigns to specific audience segments. Other deliverables to Visitnorway include Advertorials and sponsored articles as well as the portal´s content classification schemas. Making Waves Content Services team combine skills and experience in journalism, content creation, SEO, graphic design, web strategy, linguistics and translations, international relations and tourism management. All are native speakers of the national websites they have responsibility for.


Dag Honningsvåg, CEO Making Waves says "Visit Norway have confirmed the central importance of content to the portal, and rewarded our hard working and dedicated team of web editors in Oslo and Krakow with a new framework agreement where we can continue to work closely with our client to develop innovative content that has made Visitnorway one of the most recognised and successful national destination portals."


Per-Arne Tuftin, Travel and Tourism Director of Innovation Norway says; "Making Waves have been a key contributor to Visitnorways meeting our ambitious targets for both content and campaigns. The portal has won many awards over the years and this confirms our view that professionally produced, original content generates results."


Today Visitnorway is available in the following national versions; Norwegian, English (UK, US & International), Swedish, Danish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Russian.


Making Waves has been working with clients across the Tourism sector delivering digital solutions from multi language destination portals, chain hotel websites, travel services, to applications, and booking systems.  Making Waves Content Services are designed to assist clients in the planning and operation of content intensive websites and portals, as well as in the analysis presentation and optimization of content. 


Dag Honningsvåg, CEO, Making Waves,
tel:+47 907 44 810,
Russell Lack, Head of Content Services, Making Waves,
tel:+47 948 09 797,

Making Waves going to World Travel Market (London)
24 October 2012

The recent study from the international research firm Deloitte showed that 86% of overseas and 91% of domestic travel transactions in the UK are now ‘digitally influenced' (2012).  That means even if the final purchase was not made online, almost nine in ten travel purchases are influenced in some way by digital channels such as websites, social media, peer reviews and smartphone or tablet apps.


This year Making Waves is joining thousands of visitors at the World Travel Market in London. WTM is the leading global event for the tourism industry presents a diverse range of destinations and industry sectors to UK and International travel professionals.

Making Waves has been working with clients across the Tourism sector delivering digital solutions from multi language destination portals, chain hotel websites, travel services, to applications, and booking systems. Meet Russell Lack and Michal Steckiw at WTM and learn more what we can deliver for you.


Find out more about Making Waves and our solutions for tourism sector.



A day at Making Waves
15 October 2012

A day at Making Waves from Making Waves on Vimeo.

This is how we make waves
12 October 2012

Project Managers Days in Norway, 20–22 September 2012



At Making Waves we pay special attention to professional development and knowledge sharing among our project managers. We share project experiences, discuss challenges and used methodologies, review new tools and developments in digital world to align the way we provide services to our clients regardless if the project is managed from Oslo, London or Krakow.


In September our team of 22 Project Managers from Oslo and Krakow met for a two day workshop to review our new Wavemaker 2.0 process, discuss Kanban and Agile methodologies (Visit Norway Case study:, review best practices in testing and engage in team building activities.

Project managers must have a vision for the course and goals of each project. Our ultimate objective is to make sure that a project and its outcome will bring business value to a client. The way how we achieve that, methodology and tools we use, depends on the project constraints and client's preferences.


Our project managers team has a diverse background from consulting, development and technology to design and creative production. Project Managers work beyond digital and across borders directly facing clients internationally regardless of their location.

Passionate about digital and travel
12 October 2012

Delivering a successful online or offline marketing campaign requires a detailed understanding of potential customers online behaviors. Our content services team delivers engaging websites, landing pages, apps, graphics, photography and video that is tuned to the needs of target audiences and optimized for search engine visibility.


Our team of web content professionals have subject matter expertise and experience in writing about, promoting and selling online tourism and travel products. We can originate content in a variety of formats and in more than 12 languages.  Our work for the global portal VisitNorway has been recognized internationally in 2010, 2011 and 2012 with awards for content and design.


Read more about our digital solutions, content services and technical support for the Tourism sector.